October Retreat


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7 Day Guitar Retreat

with Tom Quayle

01 - 07 October 2017 £995.00

For this great course we will be covering a complete guide to modern guitar improvisation from a technical, harmonic and rhythmic perspective. Topics covered over the week will include: -


Technique Development - Learn to refine each element of your technique and make your technique work for you. Develop not only speed but accuracy and relaxation allowing you to execute the ideas you hear and not feel limited by your technical skills. You’ll also learn great practice methods to develop these skills on your own. Tom will also teach you how to use your technique to it’s best during improvisation.


We’ll be covering all major techniques with specific emphasis on modern legato and hybrid picking as used by Tom.


Fretboard Knowledge - This is a notoriously difficult thing for guitar players to master but Tom will show you two great and simple methods for developing a strong working knowledge of the fretboard that will allow you to improvise freely over chord changes and static vamps. You’ll also be able to figure out any chord and know where all the notes and intervals are all over the neck.


Harmony & Scale Application - Too often guitar players are simply taught scale and chord shapes with no musical application, resulting in a situation where confusion and lack of musical understanding occur. Tom will teach you the actual musical application of modes of the major and melodic minor scales and the chordal function of these sounds, allowing you to finally apply these great sounds in your own music and understand how they are utilised in the music of others.


Rhythmic Development - Rhythm is the most important aspect of music, far more so than any harmonic considerations. Without great time even the coolest licks will sound un-musical. Tom will teach you to develop great time feel and rhythmic accuracy and push your rhythmic vocabulary to the next level.


The time at Guitar Retreat Spain is all yours so there is also plenty of time for jamming and talking through any other topics that you would like to cover. Tom is also always around for private chats and sessions if you are struggling with any other musical issues that we don’t cover in classes.



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