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Pat (Belgium)


"Guitar retreat 2016 was a life changing experience for me. As a guitar player but also on a personal level.

The knowledge Tom shared with us was simply amazing, every single session was an eye opener. The fact that you can talk about very specific items with someone of his level is extremely inspiring. I have been struggling with playing scales over fast moving changes for all of my life, and in one session Tom explained me his approach and that opened a door in my head, suddenly it made sense and I’m back on track.


But Guitar Retreat is much more than sharing guitar-knowledge with some of the best players on the planet. The whole setting and organisation is just fabulous; the environment, the lovely house, the cute swimming pool, the excursions to keep our brains from diatonic overload and …of course, the Sangria.

Samantha and Nik are some of the most wonderful people you’ll ever meet, taking care of every little detail, making sure the only thing you have to focus on is playing guitar and enjoying the experience. Hanging out with these guys, Tom and the other players, singing songs throughout the night, playing silly games and still getting up early, finding breakfast ready and guitars smiling at you is something to cherish!"

Mike Brousseau ( Canada)


"What a wonderful week, no words can describe the week I spent in Spain with Tom Quayle and the amazing group of players.

Also I would like to thank Nick and Sam the greatest hosts in the world. The food was amazing and also the drinks. I would recommend this retreat to every serious guitar player who wants to learn and advance in his technique."

Luiz (Portugal)


"Guitar Retreat was a game changer experience for me. It's not only about playing guitar with an amazing master like Tom Quayle. I could spent a week with nice guys who just like me, have absolute passion for music and guitar.

We shared this passion. We breathe music. I learned a lot, even being a professional guitar player for all my life. There's always a lot to learn specially when you get a whole week with Tom Quayle. We had lessons, we hang out, we had drinks and delicious food, we had fun and we became friends.

I've got material to develop for the upcoming years. I had the opportunity to clarify everything about improvisation, harmony, sound and life as a guitar player. It was definitely one of the greatests weeks of my life as a guitar student. So thanks so much Nik and Sam from Guitar Retreat Spain. Cheers guys!!!!"

Pierce Fox (Ireland)


"It really helped my confidence and I grew greatly as a musician. I had one of the best weeks of my life."

David (New Orleans)


"Guitar Retreat Spain was a wonderful experience! It was just what I wanted, a total emersion into guitar playing. I learned from Tom Quayle and all five of the accomplished professional guitar players attending. Made some friends for life in this group.

We played all styles from Jazz, to Blues, to Fusion, to Spanish guitar and Flamenco. All the scales were covered as was sweep picking, legato, tapping, and solo phrasing techniques. The material was never boring or over my head. Nik had the schedule all planned out.

It seemed that we worked hard each day, but still had time for swimming, cliff diving, dinners, sightseeing, and late night jams until 2:00. The food was delicious. I may go again!"

Graeme (Leeds)


"Last year I spent a week at Guitar Retreat on the Tom Quayle Master Class. Not only was the tuition absolutely first class but also the food and the whole atmosphere. Not only did I learn a hell of a lot in that week of being totally immersed in guitar, but met some really cool people too."

Andre (Brazil)


"I attended the guitar retreat program in Spain, and had a great time in every possible way. I learned music theory and played guitar in a way that was different and fun, with cool people that soon became new friends. The place was amazing, great places to visit, great house and delicious food! I recomend it to everyone who loves to play guitar, to travel and to meet new people!"

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